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Qualified Care Residential, falling specialises in facilitating Supported Living, Semi-Independent Living and Independent Living to our service users throughout United Kingdom.


At QCRS, we welcome all walks of life, whether they may be physically impaired, mentally disabled, or have learning difficulties, we support individuals with our warm, bright and secure homes. Our immaculate, professionally-designed homes are strategically located, high quality stand-alone units with premium finishes, and fully equipped with modern interior features.


We offer a person-centred structure and support plan to assist the individual in their personal development and growth. We consider the environment, location, type of care and their support network when addressing an individual’s needs. We provide support from maintaining a tenancy; taking part in education, training and employment, to providing counselling and numerous other services. Our staff are available 24 hours a day to support you. We are delighted to empower our service users to make the right choices for their lives, so they are settled and happy. Our referral process is simple and straightforward to carry out.


We specialise in Supported Living, Semi-Independent Living and Independent Living; as well as deliver state-of-the-art facilities in relation to Emergency beds, Ex-offenders, Community Interventions, Asylum Seekers. Each service user is provided a local guide which has in-depth information including the nearest gyms, community centres and libraries. Aspirational accommodation means our clientele can take pride in their living space and live exemplary and fulfilling lives.


Our services exceed the National Standards due to the vast experience our multi-disciplinary team has working within a regulated framework of professional bodies. We have accredited approaches, policies and procedures, best practice guidelines, risk assessments and building safety measures in place to promote the welfare of our clientele.


  • Provide a warm, safe and supportive environment where individuals can express their needs and develop physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Where appropriate, we aim to provide our youths with support and counselling in order to guide individuals towards living independent lives.


  • Empower individuals through encouraging the active participation in their care plans and support plan reviews.


  • Provide individuals with one-to-one sessions, informative literature and carry out interactive discussions, in order to help individuals, mature.


  • Ensure continuity of care, support and guidance within all aspects of semi-independent and independent living.

  • Prepare youth to transition into successful adults and help adults in various life aspects.


  • Support individuals with their desire to continue their education or seek new employment opportunities


Delivering tailored care to meet our residents’ emotional and physical needs is imperative to us.

 QCRS treats everyone with respect and dignity irrelevant to their personal circumstances.

 Our staff strive to be the best and are committed to delivering the highest quality service.

 Nurturing our staff and providing the individual with opportunities builds rewarding careers.

 We are committed to ensuring our residents live happy and content lives.

  • To provide a home that individuals can proudly call their own and invite their family and friends around.


  • To monitor our service on a regular basis in order to maintain the highest possible standard of service and care with health and safety being a top priority.


  • To provide opportunities for residents to develop essential independent living skills and the key life skills necessary for personal growth and fulfilment.


  • To improve the quality of life for individuals by promoting their own decisions and rights, whilst respecting their privacy.


  • To ensure residents within our facilities are safe guarded and protected at all times.


  • To develop a broad programme of activities in liaison with a local community centre and promote our people to develop links with their own community, parents and other carers. 


  • Diversity and equality opportunities are at the heart of everything we do.



Our staff teams are energetic and proactive. We collaborate with one another to enhance and promote the quality of life for every individual. Our team encourages individuals to develop independence and have a positive approach.


We have a wealth of experience working in Care and Residential Settings. Every one of our members has the innate ability to work in both large and small homes with clients who have physical, mental, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Our seniors manage, motivate and support others to help both the team and our youth become the best they can possibly be.


We ensure to:

  • Improve the process and policies in our organisation so that we strive for better outcomes of our clientele.

  • Monitor our adherence to rules, regulations and procedures in line with the high-profile regulatory bodies.

  • Committed to working with all our connections so that our clients receive the best possible individualised care package.

Each and every single home exceeds the standards of our very own statement of purpose, in order to safeguard and promote the welfare of our service users, coordinate their respective care plan, as well as provide weekly reports and collaborate with anyone involved in the person’s life.



We appreciate that training is an integral part of everyday life in QCRS. Our senior members, by their actions and demeanour, act as role model for the younger members. Each person is presented with a variety of opportunities on a daily basis to both teach and learn. In this way, we ensure that all our members reach the upmost competency to carry out their work here at QCRS. Each member is offered personalised levels of training, both in-house and external courses in line with their personal development plans. Some of the core subjects we cover include Safeguarding, First Aid, and Data Protection. In addition, our staff receive extra refresher courses throughout their employment with QCRS to improve their service on an ongoing basis.


We are always looking to expand our team with great talent. Feel free to leave us your details and CV using the form below. Alternatively, you can email us at

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